Giving Small is Actually Giving Big

Thank you 6:30 Crew and Teka! Your donations for Coats For Kids will be appreciated beyond words I’m sure. You will make those kids so excited to show off their new jackets!  And I appreciate every single one.  Marianne text me a pretty powerful text that I asked her if I could share with all of you… here is what she said:
“I was going to post on the CF page, but I want you to know I love my gym and what CF stands for. I walk in there and forget about my life’s stressors. I bought 2 coats today. One for a girl Lily’s size and one for a boy Patrick’s size. These babies we adopted two years ago. They were homeless and lived on the streets. They know what it felt like to be cold. Thank you for all you do.”
If that doesn’t pull on that heart string of yours, I don’t know what would. Thank you Marianne for sharing that with me, and for letting me share it here. That’s some powerful and emotional stuff. We have the ability to affect people’s lives. In huge ways like Marianne taking in and being a mother to these two kiddos… and small ways like giving a kid a coat so he or she is warm for those cold mornings while they play with their friends on the playground at school… and just maybe they’ll see that goodness and love exists in even stormy seasons. Many times significant things are small and small things are significant. I think when kindness is given there is a ripple effect that reaches further than our understanding and knowing… and I’m ok with that.


15th Of November Year 2019

Strength – Alternate
A1) Bulgarian Split Squats – 4×10
A2) Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Press – 4×8
A3) GHD – 4×15

4 Rounds Of:
30 Walking Lunges
10 Push Press @155/105

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