Oryx Games and Competition , Food Drive, and Holiday Hours

This weekend was a lot of fun with the first Oryx Games out at White Sands Missile Range! There were some athletes that got their feet wet with their first competition and some memorable PR’s on the clean ladder! And of course, a lot of effort and spirit from EVERYONE! I’m always proud of the athletes throughout competition for many reasons… two big ones like stepping out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.  And the other because it ends up always being such a long day.  It starts by preparing meals or snacks that you have to have readily available your yourself throughout the competition day and picking that perfect outfit…. that is just so stressful.  Doing multiple workouts in a short window is tough.  Not to mention not getting to go home and deload between, but sticking around and being in a high energy environment is wearing.  So my hat is off to all of you and such a great job!  You guys always make me so proud and represent what our communal gym so very well… with positivity, initiative, hard work, and integrity.  Thank you WSMR for hosting a great event and environment that was welcoming and accepting to all our needs and variety of athletes!

We’re about half way of our 100 item food drive goal!  I’m going to take them this coming tuesday to the food drive drop off store, so if you plan to raid your pantry or make a quick stop at the grocery store, I’d greatly appreciate bringing them anytime tomorrow.  Thank you! You guys are awesome!  Also, sweatshirts will finally be in this week!  I expected them this last week, but was assured they will be here in a couple of days!


Thanksgiving Holiday Hours 
All classes will run as schedule except for:
Thursday Turkey Day Group Workout @10am!
Friday Only Open @10am, 3:30pm and 4:30pm
Saturday will run as normal with Open Gym until Brosesh at 11:30am

I hope this gives everyone a chance to workout, but also give you time to spend with family and enjoy the once a year holiday!

25th Of November Year 2019

Front Squat + Back Squat w/ pause – (3+1) **The single back Squat will be with a 10 second pause at the bottom. Bottom out by relaxing ONLY the hips and legs while keeping rigidity and maximum tension throughout your entire vertebral column. Focus on the back staying tight and upright on both the front and back squat especially as with changing directions at the eccentric (lowering or negative) and concentric (ascending or driving) phase of the movement.

500-400-300-200-100m Row
30-25-20-15-10 Wallballs


Finish with either:
1000m Run
2000m SkiErg
3000m BikeErg (Remember to ask your coach about adjusting your seat if needed instead of cranking and pulling on the back piece… it is only plastic and adjusts very easily. Be gentle with it)


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