If you are still interested, there is still room to sign up for the Oryx Games this weekend that will be hosted at White Sands Missile Range. I’m excited for this weekend, having fun with some fun people. It’s a competition with two divisions and two men or two women for a team. If you have a bestie that you’d like to throwdown with this Saturday, register at !

This week’s fundraiser will be a good ol’ fashion food drive. Any nonperishables can be donated! Our goal is to raise 100 items! I think that’s reasonable and totally doable! Drop your food items in the clear tub and let’s see if we can reach 100! This one will go until next Wednesday… that should give us some more time to find some good stuff to help those that can use some help this holiday season. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks… we all know this growing up. My family does an amazing job helping each other when they need help, that’s easy, what isn’t as easy is helping a stranger. These food items will go to needy families all over our community. “The light that shines furthest, shines the brightest at home.” -Andres Villalobos
Just kidding, there are many people in history that have used that very well said phrase.

19th Of November Year 2019

Hang Squat Clean + Full Clean – (1+1), Touch and Go
***This is the complex the competitor’s will see this weekend at the Oryx Games. For those competing, use the prescribed weights in your division as the weights used in this EMOM, and then build to a Heavy complex with the remaining minutes.

Sandbag Over the Shoulder or Atlas Stone to Shoulder
1 Round of Cindy – Between each Round of the odd object ladder, complete the following sequence of movements.
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

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