Small Business Saturday

Black Friday is for the big corporate world… in honor of “Small Business Saturday,” I will be at St. Genevieve’s Parish with my whittled coffee spoons, license plate bottle openers, axes, and my other rustic and primitive décor items. Tis the season they say, tis the season for shoppin’!! Come and say hi this Saturday, and you might find some gift ideas for this season’s gift list.

All those that placed your order for a hoodie, they’re here! Cash or credit accepted.   Roll into the holidays stylin’ with the CFLOTW special collection edition hoodie.  Soft and coziness for days… literally.  WINTER IS COMING. There are only 2 additional hoodies extra per size (aside for those that had their names on the board before our order).  They will go first come first serve!


27th Of November Year 2019

4 Sets of:
15 GHDs
7 Bench Press
15 Heavy as Possible Kettlebell Goblet Squat
***Be extremely careful bringing the KB back down to the ground. You want to do this safely and effectively… we will go over some tips before we get our hands on them!***

Ladder Starting and Increasing by 2’s!
Clusters (Choose a weight that you can keep moving with. This is more conditioning than strength, and should be considers as so for optimal Intensity!)

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