Happy Birthday Krystal!


The new toys have arrived!! Finally…. better late then never I suppose.  The rainbow plates are soooo pretty!  I’ve always wanted some of these, and our little collection will slowly grow.  One thing about these though, NO iron plates directly against these plates.  Use the rubber ones and then go iron.  It can damage the competition plates and that’s why they have competition change plates for these… I never new that but I did some research and now we all know.  These are specialty plates, not like our familiar bumper plates… they have to be treated according.

The jerk blocks!  If we have a sweet platform and competition plates, we HAVE to have jerks and pulling blocks from too!  They are actually pretty dynamic and multifunctional  that can be used in other ways if you we are creative.  You’ll see in future workouts!  One thing for these bad boys.  There are 4 different blocks sizes that can be used independently or in any combination to provide different heights for pulling and to do jerks/OHS on AS LONG AS…. whenever used they must have the 2.5″ blocks on the top for the reinforced  double layering that this set provides.

This is where the dough is at!  Aerobic machines are beautiful out of the box!  Spiffy!  We all know how to use rowers and the skierg is pretty simple as well.  The PM5 monitors work similar throughout all of the machines and now we have a brand new one!  The ErgBike!  I’ve seen these on the Insta and on the interweb!  I tried it out as soon as it was assembled and it is guna burnnn the legs!  It has a crazy different feel than the Assault Bikes that we are use to.  There is a clip under the seat that can be adjusted shown in the picture below.  It adjusts very easily as well as the handles using the same style of clip.  If you have questions on it ask because it actually doesn’t even have a knob to twist and turn, but just a slight and gentle push to release and then adjust the heights as needed.


And these are just mammoths!!  Like the competition plates, I’ve always wanted some of these heavily overkill kettlebells!  Careful with your toes!


These are for you Momma! lol


22nd Of November Year 2019

After telling Krystal I’d make a workout for her Birthday, she asked me to throw in the numbers 7, 11, and 22 to make it more personal… and Yes! You got it! Today was Krystal’s actual birthday, but since it was Open gym today we planned to have her bday special workout for Funday Friday! Krystal not only went to the best High School in New Mexico (Gadsden High!! whoop whoop!), but also went to NMSU and graduated with me with the same degree!  I had several classes with her, but she never let me copy off of her school work… just kidding guys, I would NEVER 😉  She turns 29 today… the last of her roaring 20’s!  It’s a big year with big things for you Krystal!  I hope you make the most of it and enjoy every moment!  Time is the most precious commodity, we don’t get any of it back.  Happy Birthday from all of CFLOTW!!

7 Bear Complexes @115/75
11 Heavy Kettlebell Sumodeadlift High Pulls
22 Burpees

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