Birthday Vibes


Happy birthday to my childhood hero. The strongest man I know… most hard working and the absolute life of the party. His name means “Defender Of Peace” and can teach someone about hard work and loving those around you. My dad. He is why I am proud of my last name. A man of men. Thank you for always being there for every competition, no matter where it is , and no matter how I performed. A father’s true love doesn’t always come out when his son hits a home run… it comes out when they strike out. Thank you for always dropping anything you were doing to come help me when I needed you, and for showing a boy how a man should love his wife and children; the way you do with my mom and my sisters.

The order of the couplets in this workout does not matter. Depending on the size of the class, some of us may begin on the rowing/assault bike piece to relieve traffic on the rowers and bikes. That being said…. One of the rules for this workout is that YOU MUST do either the set of 21, or both sets of 15 AND 9, on the assault bikes. The other round, or rounds, can be done on the beloved rowers.

17th Of September Year 2019

3 Sets of:
15-20 GHDs
90 Sec Sandbag/ Slamball Hold
10 Toes To Bar/ Toes To Ring
2 Min GOAT Training

Time Cap 14 Minutes
Power Clean @135/95
Push Press @135/95
Cal Row/AD

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