Max Out Friday

A pretty cool Picture after our 9/11 Tribute Workout.

“What is the secret of success?”
“Right Decisions.”

“How do you make right decisions?”

“How do you gain experience?”
“Wrong decisions.”

Tomorrow we will take a different approach to our Sqaut day. It will be a light EMOM day because we will be MAXING OUT on Friday! We are going to be retesting our back squat so we’ll have some squats on the lighter side to not shock the body too much, but still perform some to keep them fresh and acclimate the system to be ready for Friday.

Also, I’m planning to have a flag football game this Saturday instead of Brosesh. It will be open and welcome to everyone! It’s been awhile and time for another get together will the gym fam, so what better way to use your fitness that we so train, develop, and prepare than a good ‘ol fashion football game like good Americans. If any of you have some flags we could use, let me know by tomorrow please. (I call Jeremiah on my team by the way!)

16th Of September

3 Back Squats @65%1RM

For Time:
50 Wallballs
50 Pull-Ups
50 Wallballs

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