Your Intensity Dictates Your Return

Intensity is the driver. It drives our progression as we learn the movements and technique that makes each modality more and more efficient. Technique and good movement patterns ALWAYS takes priority, and then we add intensity. Sometimes poor movements errors, and compromised positions, rob us of our capable intensity, so a good understanding of each movement will always, 100%, lead to a higher order of fitness. Don’t sacrifice good technique for a faster time, but build a wider, broader, stronger foundation so that when fatigued and under distress, and against heavier loads you have that to fall back on… to lean on and depend on. The stimulus desired though is intensity. So tomorrow we will hit some relatively high intensities through the designed intervals. Each 2 minutes should be all out. 1 minute to regroup and reset your thoughts, composure, and recovery to hit the next Interval with a different set of movements hard. Work quickly until you reach the weighted portion of each group of movements and then the real work begins. Intervals are great in many shapes and forms, but these are intended to make us breathe for a bit…. light your hair on fire. These are relatively simple movements, SO GO FAST! More complex and better complimenting movements to come!

18th Of September Year 2019

Snatch Grip Push Press

Alternating – 8 Intervals of 2 Minutes On: 1 Minute Off:
12 Box Jumps Overs
18 Abmat Sit-Ups
ME Dumbbell Snatches @”Heavy”
Alternate with….
40 DU’s/70 Singles
12 Handstand Push-Ups
ME Kettlebell Clean and Jerks @”Moderate”

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