Winter Is Coming… Along With The Open

Winter is coming like the Open!  One will be here before the other.  Though, I do suggest we ask ourselves this, “Are we ready?”  When are we ever??  At times life presents us opportunities, and in those times I hope we see them coming so that we may grab them and leap into the unknown.  Most of the time on the other hand, that readiness is what bounds us to the circumstances and positions we stay for many years.  “Should I ask for that raise?” “Should I find another job?” “Should I take that chance?  Should I risk it?”  “I am not ready…. maybe next time.”  That time may not be something we can foresee in our current position.  I say “It is like life,” at the gym a lot because…. it is.  If we are out of position… we are out of balance.  If we are slightly out of position in an overhead squat, we WILL be out of balance… that goes with butterfly pullups, double unders, etc you name it.  Movement is an expression of your positions through space.  Your perspectives our a result and of your position… if I am in an airplane flying over Wal-Mart, I would think it to be small.  Inside, I don’t like being in a rush because it is so big it takes forever to get around and seems huge!  I don’t really know where I am going with this lol…. but whether or not we feel “ready” for the Open is not what we should be thinking.  It’s coming whether we want it to or not like Winter is coming (I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones in case you’re wondering where the heck this is coming from)…. we can’t control that.  What we can control are our actions an attitude towards it (and maybe utilize Open Gym for working towards those elements in our work capacity that can use more attention). I wrote on that white board that is behind the GHDs on the bottom this, “It’s just a cold dark night on the side of Everest,” in hopes people would ask about that. Not a lot of bites but I wrote that because that would be so pointless to be complaining about it being cold when you are climbing Mount Everest.  Yea! It’s Mount Everest!  It’s going to be cold…. you can’t change that, that’s out of your control.  What is in my ability and responsibility is to do what I can with where I am.  I’ll sign up and do my best… I hope you do as well!  And I will be right there with you cheering you on the entire way.

I wanted to post this video before a big competition or important event such like the first Open workout or a Desert Games like comp…. but it just went there and it’s a goodie.  I listen to this before every big competition.  Enjoy

27th Of September Year 2019

5 Snatches (Power or Squat)
2 Snatches (Power or Squat)

For Time:
2 Rounds of:
40 Wallballs
10 Muscle Ups
Deadlifts @225/155
Double Unders

***This is 60 Deadlifts!! I want to build some accommodation to highish volume for deadlifts, but still stay within YOUR  capacity with what is smart for this amount of repetitions for such a demanding movement.***

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