Become An Overcomer

I’ve really enjoyed these past couple of workouts we’ve done this week. Monday was tough but boy did I have fun… Today rewarded the specialty type of athlete with the highly complex body weight gymnastic modalities, but I really enjoyed the challenge that it presented and the efforts I saw put in today. I hope everyone is preparing for the Open coming up in a couple of weeks. Accepting the challenge that that may present as well. Knowing the demands that this sport asked of us, you may feel that the Open is for seasoned athletes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. IT IS FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE. One of my favorite moments was the first time my mom told me, “I think I’m going to sign up for the Open.” She was nervous… I still get nervous, like puke in the bathroom before we start nervous, but it goes away at the sound of “3…2…1.” I enjoy the look on the faces of people when they come and tell me, “I did it!” “That was very doable, and I’m glad I signed up.” At the very least it is a challenge and something to work towards that gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment in retrospect after the 5 weeks…. and the great thing is that it is here in your own gym… your home away from home. The workouts will be programmed anyways that Friday so we will all be doing those Open workouts… so might as well get the entire feel for it and sign up! Ask your coach for any questions and clarifications you may have. For those of you that have done the Open, I’m super pumped for you as well! I can see it, so this may give YOU a chance to see how well and how far you have come too. Especially this past couple of months, there are so many of you that have had massive gainzzzzz. Like awesome gainz! I can’t wait!

25th Of September Year 2019

4 Sets Of:
10 Dips – Ring or on the Horns
8 Bent Over Rows
6 High Box Jumps

14 KB Walking Lunges @50/35
7 Burpee Box Jumps
14 Toes To Bar

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