Friday The 13th! Dun Dun Dunnnn!


Wednesday was a September 11th…. a memorable day for many Americans.  I wanted that day’s workout to be memorable as well.  That day, 18 years ago, was hard for so many people…. well you know what that workout was hard and that was the point.  I was visited by one of our members that brought in to share with me some of her personal memories of that day and what she and her husband were doing that day and event after.  I was amazed by was I was being told.  I won’t share that story here because it isn’t mine to tell, but I truly was honored by this person coming in to solely share with me what that day meant to her and her family.  She absolutely came back later that day to do the workout.  I find it so cool and astounding that I am shared with so many stories from so many people.  We all go through turbulence and triumphs in life and at times despair and victories,  but I am always left with the echoes of some of the stories I am shared with from our members.  I truly appreciate them and am constantly reminded how fortunate I am to be in the place that I am to know such great individuals.  We are the best gym with I believe the best facility and programming that is filled with a sea of amazing people.

We are getting festive up in herrrrrrrre! As you can tell.  Just imagine how Christmas is gonna get up in this hizzzhouse!!

13th Of September

Push Press

***Choose a weight you can go Unbroken for the first couple of Rounds***
10 Overhead Squats @135/95
12 Burpees
14 Dumbbell Snatches

Rest 4

10 Toes To Bar
10 Squat Snatches @135/95

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