For Jerome

6am classes will resume as scheduled!  See you all tomorrow!

I received a heartfelt text today from a dear friend.  Many of you remember Jerome and what a great person he is.  Jerome has a brother named Seth that has two little girls named Lucy and Grace.  Their family just lost a mother and a wife.  Seth’s wife, Danielle, had been in a coma for a while now and past away recently.  Jerome started a Gofundme for this family and I wanted to share.  This will be a most difficult time for them and these donations will go to help for funeral and memorial cost and as Jerome stated in his text, could help them in their journey.  If you have the means to help, the link is available below and I know this extended family of Jerome can use any and all help and will greatly appreciate it.  Perhaps even pass this on to your friends and family if they would be able to contribute.  Truth and vulnerability take courage, and I know Jerome reaching out was not easy.  Thank you my friend for your transparency and honesty.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

Copy and paste into a new tab to go to site.

28th Of September Year 2021

4 Sets Of:
8 Single Legged RDL’s
45sec Weighted Plank Hold
45sec Flutter Kick with Overhead Bias
2 Minute GOAT Training

Deadlifts @185/125 or 225/155 or 275/185
Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges @50/35

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