Thanks A Lot Bart… JK lol

Well, I was thinking of throwing in a “Kalsu” workout for tomorrow for Bart.  He said we’ve been needed one of those in our programming and they just haven’t been hard enough lately.  I like where his mind is at, buuuuut I think we’ll wait on that one.  Kalsu is one of the hardest workouts, mainly the mental side of it… it’s dang near emotional!  I like to put it under our “WILL” workouts as it holds a certain, how you say…. jenesaisquoi.  They are some of my favorites 😉

29th Of September Year 2021

Power Endurance
Rowing Sprints

2 Rounds Of:
40 Double Unders
12 Handstand Push-Ups/ Ballslams (Consider how your shoulders are feeling and choose appropriately)
12 Box Jumps
10 Back Squats @165/105 or 185/125 or 225/155

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