Friday Funday

Today is my Dad’s birthday and he shares it with Mexico’s Independence Day.  He’s a good grandpa to his grandkids.  He loves my mom and my sisters.  When I need someone my dad is the one I will call and he is always there.  In many ways we are very different, but in some ways we are exactly alike and I am proud of that.  The individuals that exist around the lives’ of my sisters and myself may not be familiar or know my dad, but they have met him because they know us.  He is such a good father.  Happy birthday and I love you.  Thank you for everything!

17th Of September Year 2021

RDL + 8 Sec Tempo Negative Deadlift – (3+1)
***We will go over the specifics and focus of this in class

7 Front Squats
13 Handstand Push-Ups
13 Toes To Bar
***Every Round Increase the weight on the barbell for the Front Squats beginning with an empty barbell. Anticipate for approx 5-7 Rounds

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