A Ladder Works In Two Ways

Straight to the point today. Our strength pieces typically require massive amounts of skill. Though we sometimes take these movements lightly from seeing and performing them often, we can geek out about their complexities just by their own natural individual demands. At an elite level, people spend decades on these Olympic style lifts… going to the Olympics, and taking only 3-8 seconds from start to finish they get three attempts, and then go home to train for another 4 years. Respect them as they take diligence and patience for developing adequate proficiency; beginning with understanding the nature of the movement.  We won’t cover the biomechanics here, but acknowledging that, like many in life, this process is a ladder that works both upwards and downwards.  Sometimes taking a step down the ladder is revisiting a skipped step from the initial climb. Shiny things are just so shiny and we want immediate gratification.  And woops! We rushed up the ladder unknowingly that the ladder was up against the wrong wall…

Practice does not make perfect…. perfect practice makes perfect.

27th Of September Year 2021

Build to a Heavy Overhead Squat 1 Rep

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Cal Bike
Squat Snatch @95/65 or 115/80 or 135/95
Toes To Bar
***Scaled option is power snatch the barbell movement. Stay within your capabilities, but also challenge yourself and work on progress with these high complex movements! Be safe and see you tomorrow!

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