Sign Up Deadline Tomorrow

Earlier today the Desert Games Instagram page mentioned that 50% of registration has already been filled.  Tomorrow will be our deadline to sign your name up on the white board so that we can form our teams.  There are several people waited for sign up and then we can get everyone registered.  If you can’t make it in tomorrow, make sure to text me so that we can get you on a team!  Saturday Desert Games athlete meeting will be at 11am.  We will register the final teams with every individual (Let’s try and get this done tomorrow though, I don’t know how many spots will be left by Saturday.  I would register the teams myself to lock in those spots but I still have a few “maybes” and don’t have the info as to what divisions some would want to participate in, and with who) and discuss how we will have team practices during brosesh.  Most team competitions either consist of synchronized movements or “You go I go” events between you and your partner/partners so we can cover some of this as well as movements standards, and how to train within our normal training sessions during the week to prepare for the judging and scoring that will be enforced at Desert Games.  Hope to see you all tomorrow and let me know ASAP the info above so everyone can have a shot at competing.  It’s been awhile since we’ve have anyone compete outside from the Open, so I know some of you are just as excited to throwdown as I am!

Our spikeball nets lost their spingyness, so I ordered a couple more so some spikeball fun is in the future!

24th Of September Year 2021

3 Squat Cleans
3 Power Cleans

12 Walking Lunges w/DB @50/35
10 Pull-Ups
8 Power Cleans @155/105

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