Birthday Vibes

A huge Happy Birthday wish going out to little ‘ol Victoria Carrillo! She’s one of our Legends for a reason (again, those two girls are the reason for the award), and it doesn’t surprise me that she even came in to Open gym today to make up a workout from earlier this week…. and this is after yesterday’s devastating workout. I’m thinking there are some sore people out there. I can feel a pull in the back of my head when I doriflex my ankles… I’m just kidding but my calves are pretty lit. Back to Vic. Glad to see you on your special day… I enjoy our little talks. And even more glad that you got your workout in and made it work with your schedule since you are so popular. So Happy Birthday from all your CFLOTW fam! Hope you enjoyed today and ate all the good stuff!


4 Push Press
3 Push Jerk
2 Split Jerk


8 Power Cleans @135/95
12 Cals Bike
8 Push Jerks @135/95
12 Toes To Bar

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