Happy Birthday David!

Gotta give a quick birthday shout out to this stud!  The recent high school graduate David!  He was a morning bird and is off to bigger and better things… college life.  He will be in town next month while on break and I hope we get to see you buddy.  Happy birthday from all of CFLOTW!!


Jerod you are a mad man.  I gotta mention this real quick as well.  Jerod did yesterday’s programming in the morning… it was a nice little burner.  Then he went home and made his wife do Murph with him.  On his own… after already doing the programming… and then Murph of all workouts!  You are a madman.  And yes, I did say made his wife do Murph with him… cause a couple that workouts together, stays together lol!  Much respect my good friend.

11th Of November Year 2020 

6 Rounds Of:
25 Sit-Ups
25 Double Unders
90 Sec Run (Or to the end of your street and back… shoot for about +/- 90secs)

7 Rounds Of:
15 Sit-Ups
9 Hang Power Cleans (Barbell or DB’s) @ light: 75-105/55-80
6 Thrusters

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