The Bearer Of Bad News

I’ve been somewhat subconsciously avoiding writing this blog.  There’s just something about talking about, in this case writing about, a topic that you don’t enjoy… and even scares you a little.  We will be closed for the next two weeks.  Just saying that feels like a little life is being syphoned out of me.  I’m a hoping for the best and the attempts in this closure be effective where we can reopen at the end of these mandatory two weeks.  I’m sorry guys.  This gym is home to us all and I have everything I have in those four walls.  We’ll be back as soon as possible.  In the meantime (again hoping for only 2 weeks), I will continue to program workouts as we did during our previous closure earlier this year.  We will have an ITW (In The Wilderness) template designed for minimalistic availability of equipment  for those that need primarily body weight workouts, and a SITW (Slightly In The Wilderness) template designed for those that do have equipment at home.  Be diligent.  Be positive.  Stay healthy.  Stay Fit.  Stay moving.  Use this as a time to train the much more difficult aspect of what it is that we do…. training for the unknown and unknowable.  CrossFit is tough.  You are tough.  What we do in our training regimen is not easy… it isn’t suppose to be.  Being accountable for your own well-being is often harder than what people make it out to be.  Working out at home is so hard.  But, if you can do it during this time… there is NOTHING you can’t do.  This is the part that people struggle with…. this is the part I struggle with.  Do your workouts.  Make it a priority.  No one will give you everything in life.  You are in charge of that.  So I hope you do and I promise you, if you can these next two weeks, when we open again, coming in to the gym with smiles on everyone’s face and all the equipment we need… that part is going to be easy!  More importantly, that part is going to be fun!  You can call or text me anytime with questions, comments, and concerns.  My secretary will get your messages to me.


Air Squats
BUS Burpees

Back Squat
2×10 @65%1RM
3×3 @80%1RM

Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65
BUS Burpees

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