It’s Birthday Season!

I mentioned Jerod being a madman on the last post… he is and will always be like that I think.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  I think that applies to a lot of aspects of our own human nature, good and bad.  Jerod has a lot of good qualities about him.  I admire that.  I respect that.  I think it may also be undervaluing those qualities by calling them “good.”  He has some great qualities.  Jerod is the kind of person I have a hard time understanding.  He seems like the prince charming type.  The type that you see in a movie and always does the right thing, because he has integrity.  He’s the type of man that all women should have because of the courage and tenderness in him… and like gravity people are pulled to that type of character.  I wanted to write something nice for my friend today… because tomorrow is his birthday.  I hope you enjoy tomorrow buddy.  It’s a big one.  A new season in your life in a new decade.  If I had known Jerod in high school I would have wrote in his yearbook, “Have a great summer.  Great to have known you.  Don’t ever change,” because I think the world is better for knowing him.  Happy Birthday Jerod from all CFLOTW!

19th Of November Year 2020

18 Box/Chair Step Ups
18 Push-Ups
30 Russian Twists (Find a weighted Household object to hold for these… it doesn’t have to be heavy to be effective for RT’s)

EMOM 14 – Alternating
3 Snatches
30 Sec GOAT Training

21 Kettlebell Swings
18 Box/Chair Step Ups (9 per leg) @Use no weight or use weight from whatever object (KB or DB) from the Swings
15 Overhead Squats @Empty Barbell

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