Good News!

I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is we are OPEN on Wednesday!  When we were shut down this time around, I was really hoping it would only be for the 2 weeks like they said, and not turn into another 2+ months or run through the holidays by continuing to extend 2 weeks until we are into January.  So, it could have been worse I guess.  But, here’s the bad news… We are operating at a 10 people capacity.  That actually isn’t the worse thing in the world for us.  I really feel for some other businesses that 10 people is going to really halt the way they do business, but for us will can certainly make due!

IMPORTANT: I will ask that after your workout to please clean and pick up as we have been doing timely and promptly.  This will help those coming in after you have a spot to workout at in accordance with the mandate of our new 10 person capacity limit.

30th Of November Year 2020

Handstand Push-Ups
Air Squat or Goblet Squat
90sec Run-90sec Run-90sec Run-90Sec Run

Back Squat
2×10 @72.5%1RM
3×10 @55-60%1RM Back Squat

Handstand Push-Ups
Dumbbell Snatches

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