Now To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well, since we aren’t going to be open in time for our annual Murph 😥  … that’s no reason to stop training for it.  We will continue our regular scheduled Murph preparation program for our viewers right after these special words from our sponsors…. but they don’t have any words actually… I just panicked… cause we’re in quarantine…. anyways.

If you have a weight vest… wear it!  If you have a quarantine buddy… call them!  If you have a phone… selfie time!  I’d love to see everyone hitting their workout.  Shoot me a text with your Murph Prep workout and I’ll post here for Monday’s blog.  See you all soon!  Keep moving, Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, stay fit!

15th Of May Year 2020


Murph Prep

With a weighted vest, body armor, or weighted backpack.

2 Rounds Of:
100 Double Unders
75 Back Squats with empty Barbell
50 Push-Ups
25 Pull-Ups or Bent Over Rows @135/95


5 Pull-Ups or Push Press @155/105
10 Push-Ups
10 Back Squats @155/105
15 Air Squats


Or 2k on the Rower for you Bart 😉

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