Re-Opening And Returning Equipment

Tomorrow our Governor is giving her press conference about the COVID update.  I am assuming it will be about the slight re-opening for the businesses that were listed earlier this month…. We’re on the list!  I am hoping to be seeing all of you soon!  I can’t wait to see how nice it’ll be with our new refrigerated air…… just kidding I didn’t get refrigerated air….. I don’t know why I said that.  I often give my mom bad news by fake worse bad news and then the real bad news doesn’t seem so bad.  That worked completely in reverse right there 😦  But, there are a lot of awesome new additions at the gym for you guys.  They make me feel, “Muy excited!”  Selena reference!

In regards to returning our “barrowed” equipment.  All our equipment needs to be returned BEFORE we can open.  We will have our set time this Saturday at 2pm.  Please reach out to me if this time doesn’t work and we can make arrangements to meet another time and day if need be before Saturday.  I wanted to schedule time blocks for everyone to arrive at every 15 minutes so you wouldn’t be waiting long before I got to you like how that went we everything was taken, but this should go by much quicker than then so there is no need.  Just bring your equipment, I’ll check it off my inventory list, and sign your Renter’s Agreement Form and that’s all folks!  There will be free beverages available to you guys at the water station.  Gotta stay hydrated!!  Text and call me with any questions or concerns!

Andres (575)640-1059

28th Of May Year 2020


Start With 100 Double Unders (x2 Single Unders)
3 Rounds Of:
20 Walking Lunges
30 Sit-Ups
20 Handstand Push-Ups
Finish With 100 Double Unders

Start With 100 Double Unders
Push Press @135/95
Walking Lunges (Use Front Rack Walking Lunges with either a Barbell, Dumbbells, or Kettlebells)
Finish With 100 Double Unders

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