Please Read Me

So our last post was titled “We’re Back”…. not quite.  Well, not in the way and manner we’d like to be.  Below is the contact list of our Mayor and City Councilors.  I need your help guys.  If you would be willing to call and/or email and let them know how you feel.  They are not letting us use free weights.  I was sent the response from the Mayor directly stating that he was told that it would be very difficult to clean every barbell after every use. I understand that they are trying to be safe, and attempting to go with another way to manage the amount of people by adding that gym capacity is based off the number of machines.  Well CrossFit has never had a sea of machines because we’ve always been anti-machine with our space… globally.  We don’t use machines, we make them!  They don’t know us, possibly aren’t aware of us. I think they are not educated that, in our CrossFit world, it is very manageable and we are capable of maintaining and consistently cleaning every piece of free weight used during your session!  Let them know how you feel, voice your opinion, and the facts… flood their emails!  I have felt willing and generously ready to follow safety protocol and was proactively preparing to go above and beyond the State’s requirements for the safety and comfort of our members with the contingencies that I have been planning for several weeks… months!  But it just doesn’t sit right and I don’t agree with some of these new orders.

I am still deciding on a few things, but I will put up that video I have mentioned to some of you as soon as I can.  Some things that I can let you know now are first, that we will be functioning as an Open Gym style format.  Per the governor’s orders, gyms can open, but group classes are still not permitted. We will remain in compliance with the current Emergency orders in effect. So, for now, with the space and racks we have available, we are able to hold 11 people actively.  As for the remaining the details of our re-opening, hang tight.   These curve balls were very unexpected and I am having to make some changes and make some major adjustments to the plans I had.  I taped off designated workout areas to keep the traffic organized and to maintain the mandatory required distance between individuals.


Please contact your City Council member and the Mayor to express your concerns and disappointment.
District 1 –
District 2 –
District 3 –
District 4 –
District 5 –
District 6 –
Mayor –

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