It’s that time!  Memorial Day Murph is here.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the re-opening date for Memorial Day Murph.  We can’t change that… we aren’t in charge of that, but we our in charge of our attitudes and choices.  We can still do Murph and the reasons and purpose why we do Murph, why it is important, and in honor of those that have served and are serving this country, in honor of those that have died in the line of duty, we do Murph.  Period.  I hope you all find, and make, time to give our annual Murph a taste of your effort.  Give it a good one!  I have it programmed today in attempts to accommodate those that won’t be able to do it on Monday.  Do it this weekend.  Today.  Tomorrow morning.  On Sunday.  When ever, and how ever our schedule dictates our workout time let’s get it done!  I’d like to receive some pics of those doing their quarantined Memorial Day Murph.  Text me your selfie.  I’d love to see the community continue to participate in this… especially ours.  We have so many to honor that have come through our doors.  We have so many to honor that our serving right now.  Joe Apodaca and David Placencio are two to mention that are currently overseas right now doing just that!  Thank you to everyone that has served and are serving our armed forces… and to that in our local forces as well.  That number is so high.  We have firefighters, police officers, ambulance first responders, a ton of people in the medical field… the list goes on and on.  I am thankful that we are filled with these individuals in our lives and fill our gym walls with.  THANK YOU.  You are cherished and appreciated.  Now let’s unite together in the best way we can right now and reek havoc on this workout!

22nd Of May Year 2020


With body armor, a weight vest, or a weighted backpack @20/14
For Time:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

If you are doing Murph on Monday, this workout is for today or sometime during the weekend if you want another workout to do meanwhile to continue your workout regimen…. that’s a cool word isn’t it… regimen.  It sounds so assertive and authoritative doesn’t it?  I wanted it to be a fun one, so enjoy it and remember…. your workouts are to benefit you… don’t let them work against you.  Be smart and use them to be used to help your health and wellness, not to wreck ourselves and step backwards because of them.
Power Snatches @75/55


Thrusters @95/65
Box Jumps


Power Cleans @135/95

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