Where Are You At And Where Do You Want To Be

The title of this blog can insinuate some deep thoughts and concepts.  I’m all about that, but for now I want to keep this notion open for interpretation.  If that question relates to you about when you started CrossFit you couldn’t do a Pull-Up and now you can do Pull-Ups that’s enough for me.  That’s where it started, given our Max Efforts that we have today.  Similar to having a starting point in our back squats and trying to get it higher, other movements can share a similar goal in mind.  Or if this goes a little deeper and roots itself in a place that processes it to be something along the lines of being a better father.. mother.. brother.. sister.. friend.. or even what you do at your job.  The video below was one that was rooted into me in a profound way.  I particularly enjoy where he talks about marketing in a business such as an affiliate.  I understand its importance in some walks of life, but my assignment goes a different path.  Marketing is what I can do to improve a business that aren’t fundamentally at the heart of improving the product or service… something along those lines he says.  That breaks so many rules and I love it.  I had “Enduring” “Endearing” and “Defining” writing on my walls in my old apartment I use to live in.  Where can you apply this?  Minute 4:30-5:30 is particularly interesting.  Not many things in life test, challenge, and process us that can promote transfiguration like the growth we can see in the investment in your health and wellness…. if the effort meets the pursuit of excellence.

21st Of February Year 2020

10 Minutes to Establish a Heavy 2 Rep:
Split Jerk

Work Capacity Max Efforts
You may have a max at 3 Attempts per movement. These attempts are to provide “mulligans” to give you another chance and better yet, opportunities, to give your “Max Effort” another shot! Try your harder and give it your best!
Plank Hold
Double Unders or Single Unders (Joe Once did 500 Unbroken Single Unders because he didn’t want to do double unders)

Handstand Push-Ups
Cal Row

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