Honorable Mention!

Today there is a huuuuge shot out to Sophia!  She got her first Unassisted Bar Muscle Ups!  And boy did it look pretty!  I’m not left speechless often, but I truly was for a moment.  She just kipped, swung, and perfectly floated over and around the bar.  I looked at her and thought wow that was really good.  She stayed up there and as I fumbled with words, because it looked soooo good it seemed as if Sophia had been doing them for years, she looked down and acknowledged my confounded stare, she said, “It was my first one.”  The crew around and I went wild!  I love witnessing the first of anything…. and there is something unique about the Muscle Ups, but this MU was just textbook perfect.  There is something unique about Sophia.  Her work ethic and persistence to hard work always show and pays off.  The MU doesn’t just happen.  It takes intentional practice (perfect practice), consistency with that perfect practice, and a lot of patience.  Congratulations Sophia!  You most definitely deserve and earned it!  Next time you see her, make sure to tell her great job… and add in a little, “It’s like life,” quote to it!


18th Of February Year 2020

Abs.. Abs.. ABS!! 
3 Sets Of:
5 Barbell Roll Outs
15 V-Ups
15 PVC Abmat Sit-Ups
30 Sec L-Hold

Conditioning/ Skill/ Strength/ CrossFit!
30Sec Ski Erg Sprint
14 Toes To Bar
30Sec Row Sprint
4 Deadlifts (Heavy as Possible with PERFECT Form)
30Sec Double Unders

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