Light Your Hair On Fire And Hang On For The Ride!

Tomorrow we will hit some ‘ol Intervals!  So, with these piece, every set at every movement MUST be unbroken!  This is crucial to ensure we get ourselves back to the bar for the Hang Power Snathces.  Another key component is not to go too heavy.  We need to tailor this to, again, keep the sets unbroken, but also to keep moving quickly throught the 3 minute time domain.  The challenge in weight is not so much the desired intention, but rather the ability and capability to switch into high gear and functioning there to not just on survive, but thrive in that fast pace environment.  Make sure not to idle as long workouts tend to naturally select as our default.  Think of this as a power endurance performance.  Come in tomorrow ready to push the pedal to the medal and light your hair on fire!!  Give me a High Five and let me know your alive!!

14th Of February Year 2020

6 x 3

5 Intervals Of 3 Mins on 2 Mins off:
100m Run (***Morning class- 150m Row)
10 Sumodeadlift High Pulls @105/70
15 Wallballs
20 Sit-Ups
Max Effort Hang Power Snatches @105/70

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