Strength And Conditioning With An Indomitable Spirit!

You can’t spell legendary without legday!  Try to stick to the percentages provided, as this rep scheme and loads should provide a good “legday” stimulus to continue with our strength focused Mondays!  The workout portion is another iconic 21-15-9 formatted conditioning piece that is actually, like “Fran,” a quick and fast burner.  The short video provides a little bit of background of the original workout version and showing Greg Amundson do his thing!  I’ve mentioned Greg a few times in classes and here in previous blog, but he had significant influence in the growth of CrossFit in its early years.  Even in later content that CrossFit would release, many elite CrossFitters would mention when they started their own journey, they would credit Greg Amundson that inspired them to pursue their fitness and later ignited a passion that would grow to be life changing!  He is also responsible for making the term in our world that identifies and titles someone to be extraordinary… the firebreather!  Now a days it is used to label certain individuals as elite and give the more advanced division for competitions, but that wasn’t always the case.  I wrote down many years ago his thoughts as to what a firebreather really means.  It is as follows:

“One that faces the triumph & tabulation of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit…. An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete…. The spirit you bring to the workout… The spirit you bring to life.” – Greg Amundson

In your workouts, home life, or jobs, the firebreather is a character trait… not a level of fitness.  Be a firebreather… be extraordinary… be creative.. be unique… be you.  Also, high elbow Greg!!!g

24th Of February Year 2020

Back Squat
2×15 @65%
3×3 @85%

The original version consists of Squat Cleans, but I’ve always really enjoyed the “Power” version of this classic CrossFit workouts! Can Teka take Greg’s time?!?! Stay turned to find out!
“Power Elizabeth”
Power Clean @135/95
Ring Dips

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