Observable, Measurable, and Repeatable

Friday’s workout didn’t give up must time to do very many Snatches, but with them fresh on our minds we’ll do a few more tomorrow.  I was grinding my own gears as they provided me with my own wake up call.  I forgot how to snatch and overhead squat!  It’s been a movement I unconsciously, but perhaps even consciously, put aside and avoided for a reason or two.  This movement is a buffet of certain characteristic capacities and a multitude of skill sets that may lay dormant if not expressed.  The complex nature of performing snatches and the demands it requires may be hidden when neglected long enough… and like an untouched vehicle that hasn’t been turned on in months…. it may not start.  The amazing and beautiful thing about CrossFit is that there is always something new to learn and get better at, and in turn, become a better you.  At the same time, like a double edged sword, the struggle with CrossFit is that…. there is always something to get better at.  This is to acknowledge the opportunities to become… more.  To grow.  To evolve and adapt and overcome.  Let’s observe things about ourselves, measure that information, and then make it repeatable.  It must be repeatable.  If someone find the cure to the common cold, but only cures one person, everyone else is missing out!  See a deficiency, and then attack it!  You do this long enough and you just become an overcomer.  Like a grizzly bears of Alaska that hunt all summer long to grow big and strong for the long 7 months of winter night to hibernate.  Or like a collared pika that does nothing but plan and prepare their winter sanctuary with all they’ll need to make it through the dark months to come…. it’s all beautiful.

17th Of February Year 2020

Back Squat
3×6 @75%
3×2 @85%

11 Box Jumps
9 Burpees
7 Squat Snatches @135/95

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