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At weightlifting today we finished with this EMOM and it reminded me of this video from awhile back.  The original version of The Bear Complex was 7 reps of this barbell series!  It’s brutal!  We will do it as 1 complex as show in the description listed under the EMOM and like the video.  Rich Froning and Danny Broflex… I mean Dan Bailey, are doing 30 reps for time, so they didn’t have the given rest as an EMOM provides.  The video mentions Rob Orlando (CrossFit original Strongman) do the same complex as an EMOM for 30 minutes!  We will do only a 10 minute EMOM.  Then the workout…. I wanted to do Nancy which is 5 Rounds of 15 Overhead Squats and a 400m run, but I feel like that volume and number of Overhead Squats can be saved for another week.  This format is only 30 reps (Of Snatches) which will be a much more fun way to end the week!

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

When John Lennon was 5 years old he had an assignment from his teacher.  His class was told to write down what they want to be when they grow up…. he wrote down HAPPY.  His teacher told him he didn’t understand the question…. he replied and said they didn’t understand life.

28th Of February Year 2020

Bear Complex
**The Bear Complex consists of:
Ground to Should
Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead
Rerack behind neck
Back Squat
Back Rack Shoulder to Overhead
Weightlifting people that came in today get to pick another movement of your choice!

Snatches (Each Round increases with load)
400m Run
***5 and 6am classes do 15 Cal Assault Bike. It’s still going to be in the 30’s at this time, so instead of having you run out in the cold. Stay indoors and reek havoc on the bikes for those 15 Cals!

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