**Early Morning Classes Cancelled**

Due to weather conditions we will have our 5 & 6am classes cancelled.  I had a couple of our members text me and ask if we’d be closed. I figured that would be smarter as the schools are even on a delay tomorrow.  As I drove home I was reassured of that decision.  I was on US70 and the traffic was slow, I assume everyone was being cautious, and I started swerving and fishtailing in my little truck.  I had my Airpods on talking to Caitlin and yelled, “I’m going down!”  The trick is to drive fast and take chances… just kidding, I stayed suuuper calm.  You know me guys, I don’t overreact. After I “Nascar Driver’d” the situation and steadied Summer Sunshine Seabreeze (That’s my name for my truck), I had to very maturely and calmly talk Caitlin down and let her know I was Ok, and that I could have had a career driving Formula One racecars.  Just after my exist on the interstate, I saw a huge group of AMR, firetrucks, and of course… da Po Po vehicles with their lights on.  I am assuming it was a very unfortunate accident, but again, reassured that would be best to be closed for tomorrow’s early classes.  Thank guys and just so you know, your coach was All District Defense Driving Champ of 2006! #pantherpride!!!

12th Of February Year 2020

Build to a Heavy 3 Rep Clean

5 Cleans @75% of Established Heavy from Above
1 Round Of Cindy

10 Cleans @60% Of Established Heavy from Above
10 Cal Row
14 Walking Lunges (No weight)

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