Breaking Barriers

Tomorrow, again, the Doña Ana Sheriff’s Department Academy will be here in the morning so 6am is cancelled.  After tomorrow I won’t see them until March 26th and 6am Tuesday will go back to normal for awhile.  Thank you 6amers and see you Wednesday!

Teka did it!!  He took Greg Amundson’s time!  It was super cool to be able to witness and as I did, realizing the breathe and depth of it.  Where we are globally as a fitness methodology, and the barriers reached… and torn down is beyond impressive.  A man by the name of Roger Bannister broke a barrier in the 50’s.  People were led to a conclusion through scientific principles, facts, and understandings that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under four minutes.  I believe the local community of CrossFit is contributing what is going on globally.  The textbooks I studied for my degree would mention certain individuals that were better known as “freaks” and illustrated as pretty much anomalies that were unreachable and untouchable.  They failed to mention the heart of a person.  That’s what CF produces.  There are “freaks” inside all of us if that doesn’t freak you out…. no pun intended!  The CrossFit spirit creates a draft drawing of so many willing individuals that what to tear down barriers.  Whether that is being the fittest on Earth, the fittest in your gym, the fittest “YOU” that you can be, the best CEO or manager, the best janitor, or most importantly the best dad or mom.  Why be great when you can be the BEST.  That’s what being a LEGEND is really all about.  Live, love, learn, lead, and leave a legacy (totally stole the five L’s from Ben Bergeron haha but it’s mine now).

“Heroes get remembered….. but LEGENDS never die.  Go with your heart kid.  You’ll never go wrong.”   – Andres Villalobos.  Jk… The Sandlot

Also, David did it at state!!  One of our own Legends!  Way to go brotha!!  Thanks for the pic Yvonne annnnnd nice sweatshirt 😉


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