Going to the Desert Games briefing was very informative.  I got to see Mark when I got back to the gym and let him know what some of the notable standards that I took note of were… he will pass them on to the rest of his team.  JJ also went.  So he will do the same for his team.  For the third team I will let you guys know if I see you at the gym in the morning.  For all Desert Games athletes.  You will need your band to get into the convention center.  I will hand them out to you in the morning.  It will be much easier if we meet there. If you do go straight to the El Paso Convention Center, text me and I will make sure to take your band and badge and meet you outside.

A couple more quick details.  If you want your tshirt, they were not ready in time when all the athletes and teams met for the standards meeting yesterday, so the owners announced that they will be ready to pick up from 7-730am tomorrow.  If you don’t get there before then, you will have to wait until after the competition is over to receive your tshirt.   Running an event that size requires things to run on time, so running around for such things takes resources and attention from the event so let us follow the rules and help where we can.  The owners of the hosting gym are moving locations so they have not had a gym for 6 weeks.  That is why they didn’t have any of the videos up early because they didn’t even have a location to film them at.  The tshirt company he owns is also in their gym so that is also why the tardiness of the shirsts.  One thing about following the rules.  Athletes DON’T DROP THE BAR tomorrow.  They made it very clear at the standards meeting to not drop the bar.  I believe he said he may put a big 10 burpee penalty if anyone does.  We are use to dropping bars so help each other out and COMMUNICATE!  They will have metal weights on the ends so they cannot effort to dent the flooring at the convention center.  Also, you all are really good about this, but I just wanted to mention not to argue with your judge.  Talking and asking questions is fine, but making a scene looks really bad on everyone from CFLOTW as a whole so let’s do our part and show the volunteers we appreciate their time and efforts and make if easy and enjoyable for them as well.

Lastly, bring a sweater.  The convention center gets pretty fresh, especially after sweating from a workout and during the downtime.  Be warm and comfortable between events.  It is a long day and the less stress you can put your body the better.  I can get into the energy expenditure of cold environments versus warm environments and how expensive it is for the body to self regulate its heat output….. but I don’t think you want to hear about that right now lol.

Well see you all tomorrow, I’ll be leaving the gym heading to El Paso right at 630, and I’ll do my best to post on social media how our teams are doing!



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