New Additions!

New additions!  We have a few new additions at the gym.  First off, we finally have some Crossover Symmetry cords and the Halo, which is the Hip and Core System cords from Crossover Symmetry.  Feel free to jump on them and utilize these new tools in your warm ups, cool downs, or Open gym times.  They are amazing tools to help strengthen your shoulders for any rehabilitation, injury prevention, strength building, and addressing dysfunctions and discrepancies in those areas (as their slogan is actually even, “Bullet Proof Your Shoulders).  If you explore the CrossFit community enough outside the mainsite, you’re bound to run across these accessory tools.  Cole Sager is a big sponsored athlete that demos a lot for them, and Ben Bergeron is a huge advocator for them as well.  They each have their own diagram chart that make it super easy to use!  If enough use gets out of them I’ll invest in the heavier bands, but for now enjoy the “Novice,” and “Athlete” resistance levels.  I got all three of the Halo cords so there is “Light,” “Medium,” and “Heavy.”  Look up some more info from their site or follow them on Instagram…. they can give you waaaay more information than I can about this product.

Second, we got another flag donated to us! Jerrod got us one to honor the Police force.  I threw that bad boy up right away, and gave it a nice home as the first flag to go up in that eye sore of a spot above the bathrooms and kid’s room.  We have so many service peronnel here, someone today mentioned how this is one of the safest places in Las Cruces…. it made me think.  It kinda is!  We have cops, firefighters, nurses, AMR, Border Patrol and Customs, individuals of all branches of the military, and future doctors!  I don’t know of any other place that can say that!

Lastly, some of you saw the Wolf head on one of the benches that I didn’t get a chance to put up before class…. more so actually I couldn’t decide where to put it up.  We’re running out of wall space!  I minor addition relative to our others mentioned above, but it looks so cool it was one I had to mention.   I’ll let you guys spot that one tomorrow instead of writing about it….  you won’t miss it, I promise.   Thanks for the great idea Dave!

27th Of August Year 2019

3 Sets of:
20 GHDs
15 Toes to Ring
10 Single-Arm Turkish Sit-Ups (5 Each Arm)

9 Push Press @135/95
12 Wallcrawls
12 Deficit Push-Ups (2″ Deficit on 25# plates… let your chest pass through plates)
15 Kettlebell Swings

***Just kidding about the wallcrawls… it is 12 KB Walking Lunges (6 each leg)***

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