PR Board and Inaugural Annual Nutrition Challenge


A quick reminder that the nutrition challenge mandatory meeting is tomorrow evening at 730pm.  We will cover all aspects of the challenge including guidelines, expectations, Q and A, and other details that will involve some guidance… much of this will be very different to what most of you are familiar with, and will most likely be things you are not going to be expecting…. cryptic, I know!  We will also be doing the weigh-ins and measurements at the time and that is the only time we will be doing them unless previously discussed with me. The total cost for a chance for prizes is 25 dollars.  Please provide cash as I will need to keep this separate and will go entirely to the winners… yes that is plural.  First place will keep 70% of the total pot, and the two runner ups will receive either the other 30% or Nike Metcons that I will be donating (not my old Metcons… a new pair that will fit you).  That means your entry fee only provides a chance for these… meaning you can participate and not even have to pay anything.  I wanted to make it as low cost as possible to make it inclusive and not limit someone from participating because of the cost (unlike the 630’s class that they did for 500 bucks!! lol), but also enough that the winner can take home a nice prize!  See you all tomorrow!

We now have a PR Board. After a few of you had mentioned it, I figured I’d listen and respond with providing such a service!  It came out not half bad.  I wish I would have made 4 columns instead of 3 to have been able to add every thing I wanted to.  I had to be selective on the items that made the cut… and that’s going to haunt me for a while!!  But, we will eventually clear it out, and change out the modalities most likely once a year.  It is dry erase so, when entering your scores please be respectful not to smear others entries or the movements listed… and that goes without saying no handstands or leaning on the board.  The three empty spots are to add our own “In-House” benchmark workouts that I mentioned last week.  This will be a fun addition that we can continuously keep referencing and going back to!  There’s already a few names I took the luxury of entering today and more I will add tomorrow…. buuuut, I also deliberately programmed tomorrow’s workout to give us a chance to get some more names on it!  Good luck and get after it!! Also, if you want to try for some of those other movements and workouts to try for a spot, you are more than welcomed to stay after the normal programming and give them a shot!  That is also what Open gym can be for…. just saying!!

 23rd Of August Year 2019

Build to a Heavy Clean and Jerk (Can be Power or Squat)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thrusters @95/65

Let’s get some names on the PR BOARD!!!

Here’s a video that I forgot about showing all the different variations of the kip aka kipping! You’re welcome Janae. The squats are the best.

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