Nutrition Challenge This Week!

A huuuuuge happy birthday to not just one… but two LEGENDS!! Happy birthday Melanie and Skybox. I was so pleased to see that you ladies planned to spend some of your special day here at the gym and made my day. There is something very special and unique about these two ladies. They are the type of individual that, when walking into a room, literally change the atmosphere of the room. I am honored to know such people in my life. People like you two are teaching me how to live. How to enjoy simplicity without settling. They are the type of people that when I am old and retired I will talk about. “I once knew this person that was so generous and genuine that made you feel fortunate to even know them… I learned a lot from them.” Happy birthday you two. I hope you had a great one.

Nutrition challenge!
We will start this Friday! We will have our initial weigh-ins and measurements done this Friday after the 630 class. Please be there by 730. The participation fee is going to be just 25 dollars. So there isn’t much to loss except those pounds… no pun intended 😉 The winner will get 70% of the total entry pot, with 2 runner ups getting either the other 30% or brand new Metcons!! That’s a pretty good dang incentive if you ask me!  Along with the measurements and weigh-ins we will take before and after pictures, and I will put together some kind of workout that will measure a more CrossFitesque unit of measurement that will be used to test and retest some level of progress or progression for the 8 week duration of the challenge.  Along with this, we performed the CrossFit Total several weeks ago and those numbers will also be accounted.  You know how I always say to have your stuff and numbers recordable and accessible in some form or fashion to reference for future use… well now it’s getting put to use.  If you do not have those numbers you need to get them in this week.  Any time tomorrow through Saturday is acceptable.  I must be present for validation.  Absolutely no sand bagging will be tolerated.  We are doing this for the benefit of improving yourself and yourself alone.  The prices are there to use as an incentive, but should not in any means be the goal of end of means.  The CrossFit Total and the Workout is incorporated to include the methodology and notion that CrossFit and use corporately are all about.  We gotta have some form of functionality for this important of a test.  Other measures will be use, but will be discussed the day of weigh-ins.  I am beyond excited about this and hope we can have a lot of participation this year!!  I can’t wait to see and hear about the process from all of you!  If you have any questions… please keep them to yourself. Thank you. LOL just kidding feel free to ask me anytime 😉

20th Of August Year 2019

Bench Press
5 Light
3 Medium
1 Heavy
Repeat 5 Times!!

Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65
Toes To Bar
400m Run
Front Squats

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