I don’t have much to say today…. but I do have a cool old video that I love. This video say it was published in 2015, but it came out in 2009 in the CrossFit Journal in 2009 right after that year’s CrossFit Games. Mikko Salo was a competitor that came out onto the scene and baffled people by his training methods (meaning his volume and how he trained), being strong and very conditioned (as back then many of the elite in the sport did have huge holes in their training and were not nearly as well rounded as they are today… even at an semi-elite), and his character. He so took the stage and hearts of the CrossFit world (the year pre-Froning) that many people started naming their dogs Mikko lol…. no Joke. If you watch this, you may notice many of the techniques and forms and those shown (especially Mikko’s) is not even that great…. they use to say, “Image if he got his technique solid!? He’d be unhuman!!” Crazy to think that now adays the field of athletes, even at a local level, is more disciplined.

Also, check out his lifters! Those were the very few pair that were available from Rogue back then that were affordable for non-Olympic people.  Those were actually my first pair of lifters!  #Do-wins


21st Of August Year 2019

3 Sets Of:
40sec L-Hold
8 High Box Jumps
3 Min GOAT Training

30 Clean and Jerks @135/95
5 Rounds of:
10 Burpees
10 Single-Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunges (5 Each Arm)
30 Deadlifts @225/155

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