Heavy Squats… But Wait! There’s More!


Keep your stuff cold for 12 hours and hot stuff for 6 hours! I thought I’d give these sweet tumblers a try. I’ve had my eye on the RTIC brand for awhile, but I resisted since my mom’s company she works for bought out Hydroflask, I just couldn’t pull the trigger…. until now! They will run 25 bucks flat, and come with more than a double insulated shell that won’t condensate on the outside. They also have a couple CFLOTW goodies insides!

In other news, the nutrition challenge had a great participation from the gym! Someone is going to take home a nice chunk of cash. Two runner up will also either be getting some cash or a brand new bag of Dizzy’s very own hair! I joking about the hair… They will be getting a pair of Metcons or Nanos. I am super excited to see all of the changes and feedback from everyone throughout this challenge. Let’s send them some good vibes and expect some great things out of it! Good luck LEGENDS!

26th Of August Year 2019

We have sloooowly been building tolerance, load, and capacity on the back squat. These percentages will the largest loads we’ve seen to date in our mini CFLOTW Squat Cycle. I plan to program another 1RM Squat day soon to retest our progress and numbers. Take your time… don’t rush and access everything you know about squatting that we have worked on, built, developed, trained, and discussed here in the blog and in the gym sessions. DON’T WAIT TO BE EFFICIENT…. START OFF EFFICIENTLY.

Back Squats
1×10 @70%
10×1 @92.5-95%

This will be a gasser! Meaning push the pedal to the metal! Storm through this format and be ready to fight fire with fire! Hope you didn’t have frijoles today….
50 Dumbbell Snatches
40 Burpees
30 Dumbbell Snatches
20 Burpees
100 Double Unders

Oh yeah, and remember…. What you do in life, echoes in ETERNITY.

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