Lifting Big, In-House Benchmarks, and More Swag!


After John was having some trouble making this lift… I just gave him a couple cues that seemed to really help. He pulled that 415# and was able to PR! Who wants John on their team for Desert Games??!! Unfortunately, my phone died right at the moment he stood it up.

I wanted to make some in house Benchmark workouts like you find from CrossFit HQ, but be you find people’s names from your “Favorite,” movements… snatches and thrusters and rowing… you know, your favs! Just thought this one could kick it off. I hesitated wanting to make it heavier, but being such short AMRAPs I wanted to keep the pace fast and high, and not trying to go heavy and Rx’d just to be Rx’d. So, ideally I’d like to keep the couplets in this order, but that’s not gonna happen given the same of class because of the deadlifts and the weights used for those and because of the Rower, buuuut, we’ll mix it up with starting at different AMRAP’s. We will have the thruster/pull-up couplet at the end though! We’ll see how it pans out! I’m genuinely excited (saying in a high squeaky tone!

The merch and swag keeps coming! The extra shirts I didn’t get from the first order are in. So, if I owe you a shirt, you will get first dibs. If I didn’t have your size I have them now! Attn girls!! I have some steel blue smalls if you want that in a T, alllllso, I made a super small order from what was sold the most in the original order to test out a color. It’s pretty dope and fresh! As you youngster might say these days. I only made 10 Smalls in the razor backs so first come first served. I’m sorry I only have the one size, but I wanted to just test it out and I just couldn’t make a big order right now. These limited editions are gonna be 30 bucks instead. They were more expensive than our charcoal grey shirts. Ask about stickers and if you get days trivia question right… you get a CFLOTW sticker!! Just came in! Bumper stickers and circle ones for… what ever you want I guess haha!

28th Of June Year 2019

“Seven Eleven”
In house Benchmark workout… you can google it, but you won’t find it!!
7 Bench Press 165/110
11 Toes To Bar

Rest 4 Mins

7 Deadlifts @245/165
11 Cal Row

Rest 4 Mins

7 Thrusters 135/95
11 Pull-Ups

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