Accepting Challenges


Women’s Challenge is coming like winter in GOT! Let the women in your lives know about it, and help me spread the word! They can call, text, or email me directly for more information and details about this 6 week long project. It’s a tall order accepting new challenges, but if you see the opportunity for someone just by thinking of them for this, perhaps encourage them to take this on. We all know about the all the benefits and what we gain. Our perception is much different looking at our front doors from the inside. We are in our comfort place, our home, with our friends and family. Looking at them from the outside is a monumentally different, and very intimidating. I greatly admire those willing to take on such a challenge.


5 Intervals of 3 Mins on: 2 Min off of:
7 Devil’s Press
9 Dumbbell Box Step Overs
11 Box Jump Overs
ME Power Clean and Jerks (Light-Moderate Load that you are comfortable manhandling)

Competitor’s Template
5 Min Mob Work
Establish Max Rep Set of Handstand Push-Ups
Establish Mas Rep Set Of Pull-Ups
Use BOTH max numbers established in previous work to determine YOUR reps for AMRAP

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