Sprints… But Wait, There’s More!


I was looking through old photos trying to find some I could use for the Women’s program and found this. Check out yours truly some years ago when I had to retake the Level 1 course because I first took it before there was an exam issued. They always compile the Cert Course pics and post them on the mainsite from the previous weeks. And looky who else is there! The celebrity of celebrities in the CrossFit world… Mr. Dave Castro. After this was taken Dave Castro actually asked me if I wanted to have a beer with him! It was a corona. I almost named Dizzy “Corona” because of that day

21st Of June Year 2019

4×90 Sec Sprint
4×45 Sec Sprint

This is a cool video about an Will Moorad. He was coming into the scene of the elites when Rich Froning was ending his infamous Individual career. If you get some spare time watch it and check out his effort on the conditioing machines! THESE ARE SPRINTS. Considering our FitAid stock as well I never realized when I was looking up the video that it was FitAid sponsored! lol

Please don’t break rowers

For Time:
10 Power Cleans @225/155
30 Toes to Bar
50 Dumbbell Snatches
30 Toes to Bar
10 Power Cleans @225/155

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