I Volunteer ___ As Tribute!


Calling out the boys in da house!  The ladies have stepped up, and now guys, I’m looking at you!  There are some teams that are needing some guys to team up with for the Desert Games, so time to step up booooooyzzzz!

26th Of June Year 2019 

Back Squats
Pause Squat + Normal – (2+1)
**The 2 Pause Squats will be held at the bottom for a solid 3 seconds followed by a normal squats where “bouncing” and driving forcefully out of the bottom of the squat making the change of directions from eccentric (the down part) to concentric (the up part) intentional, purposeful, and powerful. During the Pause make sure you remain tight as sustain as rigid throughout your vertebral column. Take a big breathe in at the top and don’t fully let it out at the bottom. If you must breathe before driven your feet through the floor to accelerate out of the bottom, take in little sips of air without compromising the tension in your back. The hips will more than likely shoot back coming out of the squat, which is fine, but don’t let the knees go in which will rob you of hip tension and torque needed to optimally keep you stable to get that big weight up. This will also take away from the quads as the hammies lengthen and shift the emphasis that cause a huge movement error and becomes very inefficient. Also, cue yourself to keep your chest up as you ascend out of the bottom… if hips go back then the chest has no where to go but forward and you want to prevent that from happening as much as possible so keep that chest up son!!

15 HSPU’s
12 Cleans @155/110
9 Jerks
3 Legless Rope Climbs

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