Watching Some Of The Best In The World

I started watching Clarence lifting way back in the day at our old location. Old videos of him what seemed to be in a basement with a single lifting platform and a squat rack, and a hybrid of mismatching weight that filled up the collar ends of his barbell was a gold mine to me, and I watched every single video he posted on his youtube channel. Watching somebody that moves as fast as does, I remember telling myself, “OOOOH! That’s how it’s done.” It really helped my lifting since I never had a coach, watching some of the best in the world do what they do, I used the movements themselves teach me the lifts. Back then, there wasn’t nearly as much content as there is now, and somehow got lucky stumbling upon watching Chad Vaughn and Clarence. You can learn a lot by just observing, measuring, and repeating… something Gleg Glassmen said when starting CrossFit from a background of science, mathematics, and gymnastics. And for John, I think you’ll really like this guy… he’s a vegan!

24th Of June Year 2019

Strict Press
Push Press
Split Jerk

Front Squats @135/95

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