Desert Games Sign Up


Another year has come and gone, and the Desert Games is approaching.  This competition is one of my favorites.  They always have great programming, there are good divisions that allow anyone to compete and participate, they make it run smoothly, and the owners of 915 West (The owners of the gym that hosts the event) and their volunteers are terrific!  I hope we can get a lot of participation this year and make it an awesome day with all you Legends ready to put all that practice into a competitive scene.  Talk to your coaches about it, especially if you are on the fence about it, and let’s start making some teams!

Also, London is just too cute she gets her own shot out for being awesome!!!

12th Of June Year 2019

8 BB Front Rack Walking Lunges
5-8 Legit Toes To Bar

12 Power Snatches
24 Goblet Squats or 18 Dumbbell Squats

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