Gymnastics and Snatches… OK!

Today’s Snatch workout I have some options in how to choose your weights throughout the ascending loading, but descending rep scheme. Now this does not mean you have to stick exactly to the reps provided… this is just a template or a guide as to how I’d like for you to approach the set up and desired stimulus of this workout. So, if you want to have a blend of the weights and “go outside the box,” by all mean have at it! Just try to have a similar jump in load with each three chosen weights. So, that means don’t make a 50 pound jump your first time and then a 12.5 pound jumps for the last set. Also, have an idea of what the induced response is focused on…. fist set is super light… tough and go (teka will do all these unbroken), and then second set you will have to drop each rep but still a weight you feel comfortable and confident that you won’t go to failure with… and then last set you are testing yourself. If you have to put in a good effort to get those 10 in (and you must get them… with good form) then you nailed it. You may power or squat at any point during this one… I recommend Powering them for the first and maybe even second set, and then go to a squat snatch when needed, most likely for that last set. The last set is intended to be heavy and challenge you for those 10 reps. So, fall back on your form, rely on your technique, and keep the cues you hear from your coach in mind as they will start to get heavy. As technical and complex as this lift is, with fatigue and stress on your body it is necessary to maintain proper form. Easily said then done I understand, but keep a good back position and your initial pull and accelerate once you pass your knees. Jump and shrug the heck out of that bar and make sure you keep your elbows high and UP! Not down and back, as that will cause the bar to drift away from you. And then PUNCH! Punch towards the ceiling to create enough, if not maximum, tension as you are receiving the bar over head. This is crucial whether you are power or squat snatching.

26th Of April Year 2019

3 Rounds
1 Minute L-Hold
5-10 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Parallette Pass Throughs
1 Minute Handstand Hold

30 Snatches @(65/45)(75/55)(95/65)
50 Air Squats
20 Snatches @(95/65)(115/80)(135/95)
50 Air Squats
10 Snatches @(115/80)(135/95)(185/125)

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