Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and enjoyed the day with loved ones. I love Easter. For the true meaning and why it is most special and important. I did do some damage on some egg hunting though. My goddaughter and I don’t mess around. But, the peace, freedom, and inheritance this day is for, without comparison, out ways any other. There’s something about Easter that is a reminder of second chances and new beginnings. I think in many ways that is what is it all about. So, tomorrow we’ll work off some of that chocolate that we may not admit that we ate, and a good way is by another Murph Prep workout. So, if you have a weighted vest, body armor, of what to fill a backpack up with rice or weights, bring it in and give this one a try with a little extra weight on you. And now writing this I am telling myself the weight gained today doesn’t count…. sorry LOL 😉

22nd Of April Year 2019

Murph Prep  
20 Front Squats @135/95
20 Pull-Ups
40 Air Squats
Immediately into…
20 Push Press @135/95
20 Pull-Ups
40 Push-Ups

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