A Seed.. A Process.. A Harvest

I’ve been on this for quite some time.  And the more you study and go back to these things the more you find what they mean… and in different ways may they be understood.  What seed are you planting?  We live in a culture of immediate gratification, satisfaction, success, and results.  We can drive up to a window order with number and our meal be ready moments after you pull up to the next window.  Microwaves, fast food, cell phones, and light switches.  There was a time when there was time spent preparing to make a fire if you wanted light and warmth.  It was part of survival… it was part of life.  When I ask what seed are you planting, I ask it in attempts that we are aware that there is a process between the time we plant it, and the time we harvest it.  When a farmer lays down his seed, he doesn’t go back in the next day and dig up what was planted to check on the progress.  It will disturb the environment the seed needs to grow adequately.  There is a time between the two exciting moments when we plant seeds and when we reach the harvest, or when our efforts are to be reaped.  Unfortunately, the process is generally the time with the most discomfort.  It is the phase that empowers, builds, and creates.  In our lives, it is the season that builds the character and foundation that allows us to sustain the harvest of our seed… that’s a big one there.  The process, or time, that it takes for your seed to grow is dependent on what seed we are planting.  Sometimes, a farmer must plant to reap his harvest in this season, so seeds are planted that grow quickly.  The other side of that coin is that some seeds are an oak tree… that will take years, and sometimes many years, for it to reach maturity.  What seed we plant is no right or wrong, but acknowledging a process and a trust in that process for your seed to reach what it was intended to become.  A doctor does not become a doctor in one semester.  A muscle up is not achieved (or proficiency of them) by attending one seminar or watching a video.  A king does not become a great king by wearing the clothes that identifies him as one.  I’ve never liked the phrase “trust the process,” it lacks breathe and depth although it speaks truth, and honesty, in its description that it depicts.  Many times things need to be said in different ways for them to be understood.  When something is understood that resonates with us and can be relatable and that is tangible, that’s when it changes us because we can grow from it.  That’s the difference, I believe, with something that just gives us insight, and with something that provides revelation.  There isn’t a backslide with revelation.  Because what is there to go back to after one changes?  When you change the way you think you change your actions, when you change your actions, you can change your behavior…. results.  Our culture wants 100% right away…. do 1% a day, and after 100 days, there is your 100%.  “Trust the process.”

29th Of April Year 2019

Murph Prep 

5 Rounds of Cindy
10 Clusters @185/125
5 Rounds of Cindy
400m Run

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