Happy Birthday Momma


It’s a day late but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful mother! I don’t like to play favorite but it’s my mom… she gave birth to me… and clothed me… and bought me Nike Jordan’s (shoes) when I was young. So I have to give a huuuge shot out to her and say that she is the strongest women I know, because she had to deal with me as a child, and that must have been no easy task. She is always our family’s stone which lays our foundation as a family, and our values, and morals, and beliefs. Me and my sisters are blessed by all definition to have that woman as a mother… and I will forever be grateful.

Now to finish the week off, we will have our day finish with a type of workout we have been having for our “Weightlifting” class. We’ve stepped away from traditional weightlifting to have a mix of modalities that express more of a “product” of what CrossFit is about. We sometimes get into a legalistic mindset of a certain something having to be done a certain way, and when we are introduced to a different element, movement, modality, stimulus, what ever you want to call it, we find difficulty. I see that to be a problem… or at the very least an error in preparation to be generally physically prepared for what ever life brings at us. And, it is also fun to change it up every once and a while.

19th Of April Year 2019

Death By Burpee plus Power Clean

GPP – General Physical Preparedness
EMOM 18 – Alternating
8 Box Jumps Overs
3 Power Clean + 3 Jerks
40 sec Sandbag Hold

**I didn’t forget about you that came yesterday… If you were present at yesterday’s 5:30 class then you will have different movements… talk to your coach and specific movements will be given (Strength and weaknesses)**

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