Let’s Compete!

Anyone interest in some local competitions?? Me, Me!! There are a few local comps coming up that you guys are more than ready for. Sky mentioned a masters only one that looked fun and in El Paso. If any of you want to get together for that we can make that happen. I’ve always just … More Let’s Compete!

Kid’s Cave

Friday Funday… and the first Friday of the month, so that means a special workout.  We’re gonna “Pick From The Hat,” and see what comes out.  I love seeing what comes out, and the expressions of some of you when your very “favorite” movement is picked.  It just brings such joy to my heart!  Just a … More Kid’s Cave

No Cherry Picking

Don’t stray from difficulty.  Get it in… get it done… and be better for it!  It’s like life… in many ways the training done within our four walls finds its way of transferring itself into our lives.  Our daily lives.  Going the storms is something I like to compare because many times when we are in … More No Cherry Picking

John Never Quits

John approached me and asked if he could mention something on the blog about he knee injury. I said absolutely! This was the email I got Saturday morning. We got to chat Saturday morning during open gym as John, regardless of his injury and the limitations it presents, about how he read this book early … More John Never Quits